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Nathan D'souza

Hey I'm Nathan, a SWE with a passion for creating. Now that I have more time in my hands I plan to dabble in some passion projects starting with fixing up this website! Feel free to connect with me or checkout my github to keep up with my side project progress!

Stay Frosty,


Vision Critical

Software Developer (January - August 2018)

• Implemented new user interface for an updated security model using C#
• Refactored a major section of code in Golang, substituting one library for another
• Identified and fixed accounting issues in build tools
• Added new functionality to reporting and debugging tools
• Worked both in Windows and Linux and successfully dealt with company organizational changes
• Software Used: C#, Golang, CSS, Javascript


Quality Assurance Analyst (May - August 2017)

• Developed and executed test strategies for KIK native clients and mobile web products, creating a bug free experience for millions of users
• Successfully handled multiple projects and ensured smooth releases by scoping, planning and scheduling numerous product releases.
• Collaborated with development teams across the organization to create functional test plans, performed feature and regression testing, and detailed issue reporting

Climax Media

Quality Assurance Analyst (May - August 2016)

• Planned, conducted and monitored tests of client solutions to ensure product quality
• Documented internal audits and other quality assurance activities
• Investigated client complaints and non-conformance issues
• Created and executed manual tests for both software and systems
• Prepared several reports daily to communicate outcomes of quality activities, extensively accomplished via TestRail and LeanKit. Reports were then used to fix all quality issues.


Supply Chain Coordinator (January - August 2018)

• Worked exclusively with Excel and Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) software to organize documentation in the Supply Chain Department
• Successfully worked and cooperated with coworkers to process work orders under minimal supervision
• Maintained Inbound Control Log and followed-up with factories on open Purchase Orders


Several projects can be found on my github! I'm currently working on a React Native poker app that uses Firebase and Redux. I'll update this section to display my projects soon(ish), I promise!